Wild Honeysuckle (Lonicera nitida)

Wild Honeysuckle (Lonicera nitida) is a dense, fast growing, evergreen shrub that can grow up to 3m tall.

  • Wild Honeysuckle  -  Lonicera Nitida  -  Mature Shrub

Useful info about Wild Honeysuckle trees

Latin NameLonicera nitida
HeightCan grow up to 3m (9ft)
SpreadThe branches can spread out to 3m (9ft)
Soil Types PreferredChalk, Clay, Limestone, Loam, Sand
Locations SuitableFarmland, Gardens, Hedgerows, Parks
FlowersIn spring small (1cm), creamy white flowers appear in pairs and are tubular in shape.
FruitGlossy purple-blue berries in late summer / autumn


Honeysuckle flowers have a sweet, heady scent. The scent is strongest at night, in order to attract pollinating moths. Honeysuckle is a climbing plant, common in hedgerows, scrub and woodlands, where it twines itself around other shrubs and trees. Trumpet-shaped flowers appear from June to August and clusters of red berries ripen in the autumn.

Honeysuckle has climbing, twining stems that are red when young; they climb clockwise around the branches and stems of other plants, sometimes distorting them. Its grey-green, oval leaves appear from February and stay on the plant until autumn, or even over winter.

Honeysuckle's nectar-rich, scented flowers attract moths which are, in turn, preyed upon by bats. New shoots attract blackfly which bring hungry Blue Tits, lacewings and ladybirds. Its climbing stems provide nest sites and material for birds, such as Blackbirds and Pied Flycatchers, and small mammals like Dormice. Its juicy red berries are eaten by many birds and also squirrels.


It is frequently used as a hedge plant in the UK.


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Culture and Symbolism

Wild Honeysuckle is believed to represent fidelity.

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