Wayfaring Tree (Viburnum lantana)

The Wayfaring Tree (Viburnum lantana) is a species of Viburnum,native to central, southern and western Europe (north to Yorkshire in England)

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Useful info about Wayfaring Tree trees

Latin NameViburnum lantana
TypeDeciduous (loses its leaves in winter)
HeightCan grow up to 4 - 5 metres (14 - 18 feet)
SpreadThe branches can spread out to 1 - 5 metres (3 - 18 feet)
Soil Types PreferredChalk, Limestone, Sand
Locations SuitableFarmland, Gardens, Hedgerows, Parks
FlowersWhite flowers in spring
FruitRed / black berries in autumn

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The Wayfaring Tree is a deciduous shrub or small tree growing to 4-5 m tall. The leaves are opposite, simple oval to lanceolate, 6–13 cm wide and 4–9 cm broad, with a finely serrated margin; they are densely downy on the underside, less so on the upper surface.

The hermaphrodite flowers are small (5 mm), creamy-white, produced in dense cymes 4–10 cm width at the top of the stems; they are produced in early summer, and pollinated by insects.

The fruit is an oblong drupe 8 mm long, green at first, turning red, then finally black at full maturity, and contains a single seed.

The seeds are dispersed when birds eat the fruit, then deposit the seeds in another location in their droppings.

An older name for the plant is hoarwithy. "Hoar" means grey-haired and refers to the hairs under the leaves, and "withy" means a pliant stem.

The fruit is mildly toxic, and may cause vomiting or diarrhea if eaten in large amounts.


It is commonly grown as an ornamental plant for its flowers and berries, growing best on alkaline soils.


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Culture and Symbolism


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