Dedicate a Tree

dedicate a tree foR just £12.99

Plant a tree for someone special in nature reserves and community woodlands throughout the UK

Dedicate a Tree as a gift and it will help create greener and healthier places for people to enjoy for generations to come.

There are lots of reasons to dedicate a tree – to celebrate the birth of a baby, a birthday or anniversary, or in memory of a loved one. It’s also an unusual, yet lasting, gift for a Wedding, Valentine’s Day, a Christening, Christmas, New Year or any celebration.

A gift for you, your loved ones and the planet

By dedicating a tree you help maintain and improve new woodlands and support our work to provide local people with opportunities to live healthier, more sustainable lives.

The trees can provide shelter and food for wildlife, improve soil conditions, improve air quality and much more.

Each tree can also absorb up to 1/2 a tonne of carbon dioxide throughout its lifetime. That’s good for you, your friends, wildlife and the planet.

With each tree dedication you'll receive ...

A tree planted in a UK woodland or nature reserve

We only plant trees in the UK on publicly accessible land, such as nature reserves or community woodlands, so you’ll be able to visit your tree.

Tree Dedication Certificate showing the recipient’s name and a special message from you

Personalise your certificate with your own message, the region where you’d like to have your tree planted and the date.

Electronic certificates are issued free via email to you and / or the recipient. We also offer paper certificates, printed on 100% recycled paper, that can be posted to you or the recipient anywhere in the world. You can view our delivery times here.

You can even choose to send certificates anonymously, such as Secret Santa gifts.

EFORESTS SAMPLE Tree Dedication Certificate
Sample Certificate

Details of the woodland and the tree species

Each certificate has a unique number, which you can enter on the My Tree page, to find details of the tree species and the woodland location where your trees are planted. Take a look at an example here.

A gift that lasts a lifetime 

We only plant our trees in locations that are properly managed, to ensure each tree lives to maturity.

Planting lots of trees?

Ordering lots of individual tree dedications? Not a problem!

If you’d like to order multiple tree dedications you can easily add each dedication to your basket without having to fill in a new Dedication Form each time.  

Just amend the recipient details and message, add it to your basket then pay for everything at the checkout.

Any discounts for buying multiple trees will be applied automatically at the checkout.


We offer discounts for anyone buying trees. 

1 – 5 trees @ £12.99 each

6 – 9 trees @ £12.49 each

10 – 24 trees @ £11.99 each

25 – 49 trees @ £11.49 each

50 – 99 trees @ £10.99 each

100+ trees @ £10.49 each

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For volume pricing, take a look at our Corporate Tree Planting page.

The right tree in the right place

Where do we plant the trees?

We always take great care to plant trees that will fit in with their surroundings and won’t dominate existing flora.

We work with established organisations like the Wildlife Trusts, country parks and community woodlands who know what tree species will suit their woodland best. 

We plant our trees in woodland locations throughout the UK

On the Tree Dedication order form you can specify in which region you would like the tree(s) to be planted or just leave it to us and we’ll plant in an area that benefits most from the new tree(s).

You can also ask us to plant a particular species of tree, although we only plant UK native species. We can’t guarantee to plant the species you request as we have to take into account the biodiversity of the local area, soil conditions, etc. We will try our very best to plant the species of tree you want though.

If you have any questions about our tree dedication service, please visit our Frequently Asked Questions page for more information.



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