TSB - Reducing the Environmental Impacts
of Customer Home Moves

Supporting Nature Based Solutions in the UK to mitigate the environmental impact of our customers' house moves by planting trees across the United Kingdom in partnership with EFORESTS

Every day in the UK each of us contributes to climate change through our daily activities – whether it’s driving, working, watching TV, shopping, or taking a holiday. Almost everything we do will affect our carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions.

Your Carbon Footprint represents the amount of CO2 you produce each year. The lower your Carbon Footprint, the smaller your contribution to Climate Change.

When moving home, a typical removal lorry/large van emits up to 1.3 kg CO2 per mile.

So, for a house move that takes place over a distance of 100 miles for example (taking into account the journey to the old property, then the move to the new property and finally the return to the depot), that’s a total of 130 kgs CO2 emitted just for the transport alone.

TSB are committed to Doing What Matters for the Environment and that’s why, for every house purchase mortgage they provide, they have asked for us to plant a tree across our national sites. You can find out more about TSB’s work here.

EFORESTS plant trees from the tip of Cornwall to the Scottish Highlands

Trees are fundamental to life on earth. As well as absorbing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere – over a typical lifetime of 100 years a tree will absorb around 500 kgs of CO2, trees also improve air quality and support biodiversity and are an invaluable habitat for wildlife.

We’re planting trees in woodlands in England, Scotland and Wales to reflect where you purchased your home. Some of these sites are open to the public too so you may be able to visit the locations, see below for further information..

England - Thameside Nature Park, Essex

Thameside Nature Park is situated on the Thames Estuary close to Tilbury and Stanford-le-Hope and has far-reaching views across the river.

Thameside Nature Park  -  Essex  -  Oak Tree In Shelter In Woodland Grove
Newly planted oak trees in the existing woodland at Thameside Nature Park. The trees are small in their first year but will soon outgrow their protective shelters.

The tree species that have been planted on the site include:

Blackthorn, Cherry Plum, Common Alder, Crab Apple, Goat Willow, Grey Willow, Hawthorn, Hazel, Holly, Hornbeam, Oak, Osier Willow, Rowan and Silver Birch.

To find out more about this woodland, visit the Thameside Nature Park page.

Scotland - Knoydart, Western Highlands

Knoydart, in the West Highlands of Scotland, is renowned for its stunning beauty, rugged grandeur and blissful tranquillity.

Knoydart  -  Scottish Highlands  -  Trees In Shelters On The Hill Overlooking The Water
Newly planted trees in the existing woodland, overlooking Loch Nevis. The trees are small in their first year but will soon outgrow their protective shelters.

The tree species that have been planted on the site include:

Aspen, Blackthorn, Common Alder, Common Beech, Goat Willow, Hawthorn, Hazel, Holly, Hornbeam, Oak, Scots Pine, Silver Birch, Walnut, Wild Pear and Yew.

To find out more about this woodland, visit the Knoydart page.

Wales - Long Wood Community Woodland, Lampeter

Long Wood Community Woodland, Wales is a social enterprise in based in South West Wales. Established in 2003 the woodland is managed for timber sales and as a recreational facility on a not for profit basis ensuring sustainable community focused development of the woodland as a commercial, educational and recreational community owned asset.

Long Wood Community Woodland  -  Wales  -  Path Through The Mature Spruce Trees
Long Wood Community Woodland

The tree species that have been planted on the site include:

Oak and Sessile Oak

To find out more about this woodland, visit the Long Wood Community Woodland page.


Can I visit my tree? When will it be planted? How big are the trees when they’re planted?

Answers to these questions and many more are available on the Frequently Asked Questions page, which gives you helpful tips about your tree and visitor guidance.