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Dropbox plant trees for event delegates at the Dropbox Business Partner Forum 2018

Dropbox wanted to give each of their event attendees a gift that would help create greener and healthier places so they chose to plant a mini forest with EFORESTS. 

Not only was this a sustainable incentive, it fitted perfectly with the theme of the event “Ready, Steady, Grow” which focused on how Dropbox Business partners can grow their cloud business with Dropbox.

Dropbox were excited to plant trees in London, where the event was held. By dedicating trees to their event delegates, they helped to maintain and improve new woodlands and support our work to provide local people with opportunities to live healthier, more sustainable lives and reduce their carbon footprint.

Tree Gifts & Dedications delivered to your door
Oak trees were among the tree species planted at Tower Hamlets Cemetary Park - London

Each tree can offset up to 0.5 tonnes of carbon dioxide throughout its lifetime. That’s good for you, your friends, wildlife and the planet too.

Delegates received a Tree Dedication Certificate showing the details of the woodland and a personalised message.

By entering the certificate number on the My Tree page, event delegates were able to see all their tree details including photos of the woodland and location maps.

For more information about how planting trees is good for your business visit our Corporate Tree Planting and Tree Gifts pages.