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corporate tree planting

Supporting tree planting across the United Kingdom for their clients

Clean Air Ltd is the authority in safe, reliable fume cupboards, fume containment and fume extraction. For every order of one of their fume cupboards, ventilated enclosures and service & maintenance visits they have asked for us to plant a tree on their behalf

You can find out more about Clean Air’s work here.

EFORESTS plant trees from the tip of Cornwall to the Scottish Highlands

Trees are fundamental to life on earth. As well as absorbing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere – over a typical lifetime of 100 years a tree will absorb around 500 kgs of CO2, trees also improve air quality and support biodiversity and are an invaluable habitat for wildlife.

We’re planting trees in woodlands across the UK in areas where they’re most needed. Many of these sites are open to the public too.

Below are some of the sites where the Clean Air trees will be planted …

Cae Mariad, Wales

Cae Mariad is a community led woodland project in Tregarth, near Bangor, North Wales.

Cae Mariad  -  North Wales
Cae Mariad is a 3 acre part of Moelyci farm, west of Tregarth, which once formed part of the medieval township of Cororion.

The tree species that have been planted on the site include:

Common Elder, Crab Apple, Hazel, Scots Pine, Small Leaved Lime, Wild Cherry, Wild Pear and Yew.

To find out more about this woodland, visit the Cae Mariad page.

Easterbuchat Cottage, Aberdeenshire

Easterbuchat Cottage is 12-acres of rough grazing land, in Aberdeenshire, that is being transformed with a new tree planting programme.

Easterbuchat Cottage  -  Aberdeenshire  -  New Trees Planted In Shelters
Newly planted trees at Easterbuchat Cottage. The trees are small in their first year but will soon outgrow their protective shelters.

The tree species that have been planted on the site include:

 Crab Apple, Wild Cherry and Cherry Pear.

To find out more about this woodland, visit the Easterbuchat Cottage page.

Walsham Jubilee Wood, East Anglia

Walsham Jubilee Wood is a community woodland that was created during 2012 in the Suffolk village of Walsham-le-Willows.

Entrance To The Original Wild Wood  -  Walsham Jubilee Wood  -  Suffolk
The entrance to Walsham Jubilee Wood is surrounded by trees planted back in 2012. New saplings have been planted in winter 2022/23.

The tree species that have been planted on the site include:

Bird Cherry, Common Alder, Common Buckthorn, Crab Apple, Field Maple, Guelder Rose, Hawthorn, Hornbeam.

To find out more about this woodland, visit the Walsham Jubilee Wood page.


Can I visit my tree? When will it be planted? How big are the trees when they’re planted?

Answers to these questions and many more are available on the Frequently Asked Questions page, which gives you helpful tips about your tree and visitor guidance.