Free Trees

free trees for uk tree planting projects

Request free trees for your community woodland, nature reserve, etc.

EFORESTS work with wildlife trusts, community woodland groups and nature reserves around the UK, supplying them with free trees.

The trees are funded by our clients, both individuals and companies, who want to have trees planted on their behalf and be able to visit them.

We want everyone to be able to enjoy the trees that are planted and, as the trees mature, be able to visit and walk among them.

If your group is in need of some trees for a planting project, ideally on publicly accessible land, take a look at the criteria below then complete our Tree Request Form

Trees can be delivered to you from October to March.

Our criteria for requesting free trees ...

  •  Projects should, ideally, be on publicly accessible land …

    Any private land will need footpaths, etc so that the public and our clients can walk among and touch the trees. They can’t be planted behind a fence and out of reach, for example.

  • The trees cannot be counted as part of any other tree planting targets / carbon targets (ie: council pledges). We don’t want any double counting of trees.

  • Projects ideally should be for more than 150 trees (excluding any hedgerow). If you’re a parish council, and don’t have space for 150 trees, it’s worth teaming up with nearby parish councils to combine your tree requests.

  • The trees don’t need to be planted in one area, they can be dotted around several locations. You’ll need to enter all the locations on the Tree Request Form and email us a map with the planting areas highlighted on it.

  • We don’t supply trees for gardens

  • For private land without public access we can sometimes supply trees. They will have to be for large projects (1000+ trees) and we will need to register the project as part of the Woodland Carbon Code.

  • Call us to chat about your project if you’re not sure whether it fits our criteria, etc.

About the trees we supply

  • We can supply almost any UK native trees species, grown from UK seed – from Aspen to Yew and everything in between. You can choose the species on page 2 of the Tree Request Form.

    Take a look at the native species available from tree nurseries like Alba, Cheviot, Heathwood and Perriehale – where we normally source the trees from.

    We’re happy to source the trees from a nursery that is more local to your project to ensure the most local provenance of the trees.

  • We can occasionally supply non-natives like Evergreen Oak, Sitka Spruce, etc. You can ask for different species in the “Additional Info” section on the Tree Request Form.

  • Trees supplied are typically 30 – 90cm tall, depending on the species.

  • We don’t supply fruit trees (except native / wild species such as Crab Apple, Wild Cherry, Wild Pear, etc.)

  • For each request we can typically supply UP TO 30% of trees as hedgerow, as we don’t normally support hedgerow projects.

  • The trees can be supplied with free shelters and stakes if needed. From 60cm “spiral” shelters to 180cm deer shelters, we can offer most forms of tree protection.

  • The shelters we supply are plastic free / compostable whenever possible.